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March 8, 2010

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs
*December 28, 2002 - October 11, 2005*

Paternal Family

Lance Briggs  - *Kelsey's Father* {Daddy}

Royce & Kathie Briggs - *Kelsey's Paternal Grandparents* {Papa & Grandma}

Shirica Armitage - *Kelsey's Paternal Aunt* {Aunt Rees}

Jeanna Fowler - *Kelsey's Paternal Aunt* {Aunt Bean}

Paternal Step-Family

Jay & Teri Sigman - Kelsey's Step-Paternal Grandparents* {Papa Jay & Nini}

Ashley Gober - *Kelsey's Stepmother* {Mommy Ashley}

Maternal Family

Raye Dawn Smith - *Kelsey's Mother* {Mommy}

Michael Lee Porter - *Kelsey's Stepfather* {Daddy Mike}

Ray Smith - *Kelsey's Maternal Grandfather*

Gayla Smith - *Kelsey's Maternal Grandmother*

Janet Gragg - *Kelsey's Maternal Aunt*

Curtis & Miste Smith - *Kelsey's Maternal Uncle & Aunt*

Rachelle Smith - *Kelsey's Maternal Aunt*


Richard Smothermon - *District Attorney*

Pattye High - *Assistant District Attorney*

Craig Key - *Judge* - On June 15th/16th, 2005, DHS recommended Kelsey stay with her Maternal Grandmother, Gayla Smith, and be gradually phased back into her mother's home. Judge Key overruled DHS' recommendation, declared an unknown perpetrator, and sent Kelsey back home to her mother. Four months later Kelsey was beaten to death.

Sheila Kirk - *Judge* - Represented Raye Dawn Smith in her divorce to Lance Briggs. Later beat Judge Key in the Election.

Judge Paul Vassar -  *Judge* - Raye Dawn Smith's Criminal Trial

Timothy DeGiuisti - *Judge* - DHS Settlement

Greg Wilson - *Attorney* - Raye Dawn Smith's Custody Attorney for Kelsey*

Paul Sutton - *Attorney* - Michael Porter's Attorney

Steven Huddleston - *Attorney* - Raye Dawn Smith's Criminal Trial

Stephen Jones -  *Attorney* - Raye Dawn Smith's Current Attorney

James Hodgens - *Attorney* - Royce and Kathie Briggs' Attorney

Brandon Watkins - *Attorney* - Kelsey's Attorney

Derek Burch - *Attorney* - Lance Briggs' Attorney

Carl Griffen - *Doctor* - Emergency room Doctor at Unity Health Center who treated Kelsey's broken collar bone on the early evening of January 10th, 2005. He also examined the bruises and abrasions on Kelsey on the night of January 14th, 2005.

Pam Arrasmith - *Nurse* - Emergency room Nurse at Unity Health Center who observed Kelsey on the night of January 14th, 2005.

Debra Katcher - *Pediatrician* - Pediatrician Raye Dawn Smith took Kelsey to on January 21st, 2005. Blood tests were conducted to determine if Kelsey bruised easily. Results were Normal.

Kanwal Obhrai - *Pediatrician* - Pediatrician for Kelsey while Paternal Grandparents had Temporary Custody.

Kelli Koons - *Doctor* - Doctor at Unity Health Center who started seeing Kelsey as a patient on March 31st, 2005. Sister of Greg Wilson.

Andrea Barrett - *Orthopedic Surgeon* - Orthopedic Surgeon who believed the story that Kelsey broke her leg by twisting her ankle on her flip flops, then broke her other leg as a result of overcompensation.

James Sullivan - *Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist.*- Oklahoma University Medical Center Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist who examined Kelsey's legs on May 2nd, 2005. Determined Kelsey's leg breaks were the result of abuse.

Melissa Gibson - *Physician's Assistant* - Prague Hospital Physician's Assistant who tried to revive Kelsey on October 11th, 2005.

Inas Yacoub - *Medical Examiner* - Conducted Kelsey's first autopsy.

Dean Hawley - *Medical Examiner* - Conducted Kelsey's Second Autopsy on April 29th, 2006.

Robert Block - *Doctor and Chief Child Abuse Examiner for the state of Oklahoma.*

Carl Leabo - *Police Srgt.* - Investigated the abuse to Kelsey in January 2005.

Matt Byers - *Police Officer* - Investigated the abuse to Kelsey in January 2005.

Kelly Vague - *Police Officer* - Investigated the Porter's wreck on the night of August 19th, 2005,

David Burgess, Kristal Johnson, and Yolanda Hunter - *DHS workers*

Patti Bonner - *Community Home Based Services worker*

Carla Lynch - *Court Appointed Special Advocate*