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March 5, 2010

Michael Lee Porter - OSBI - {10/13/2005}

Michael Lee Porter OSBI {Part 1 of 4}


Michael Lee Porter OSBI {Part 2 of 4}


Michael Lee Porter OSBI {Part 3 of 4}


Michael Lee Porter OSBI {Part 4 of 4}


{Michael Lee Porter OSBI extended interview, questioning by Kevin Garrett.}

A…..And I told Steve the things I did trying to help her.

Q….And you know what the doctor says? CPR doesn’t do this, you know. It didn’t do that. The chest compressions didn’t do that.

A….I shook that baby around for 30 minutes waiting on that ambulance. She was everywhere from being squeezed to up on my shoulder.

Q….Okay. Well, let’s put it this way. Say, for example, that is going to be the manner - - let me see exactly how they word it. I mean, I guess, you know, are you going to try to tell me, then, that she had the seizure and that the shaking around is what actually killed her?

A…..I know that she had the seizure. I’m just telling you, Steve - - I told Steve there’s another explanation, and he said, “Help me,” and I gave him - - I was trying to help him. There is another explanation besides me or Raye Dawn killed her, besides we beat the - -

Q….Blunt force abdominal trauma is the cause of death. Manner of death is homicide. So if, you know, she was having a seizure and what you did - - and maybe you killed her by trying to save her. Is that what you’re trying to say? That maybe the 30 minutes that you were working on her - -

A….I was ready to accept the fact that I may have hurt her by trying to save her, but I can’t - - I cannot - - I can’t tell you that I did anything to intentionally hurt her, because I did not.

Q….You know, all we can do is tell what her body is telling us, and that’s the M.E.’s office; right? And they’re saying that it’s blunt force abdominal trauma.

A….And I’m telling you in that time - -

Q….And they’re saying this is going to be something like punching, squeezing, kneeing. I mean - - and it was painful, and her intestines was bleeding, you know. Do you really think your CPR could have done that?

A….Or my pressure or - -

Q….Hey, if I have a heart attack here, I don’t want you giving me no CPR if that’s what you do, you know. I mean, come on, Mike. I don’t know. I’m asking you, you know. So you’re saying if there’s any chance that this happened, it’s from the CPR?

A….I know Raye Dawn - - I know Raye Dawn would not hurt her, and I know that I didn’t do a thing to intentionally hurt her.

Q….Well, you know what? I’d step on a limb and think that neither one of you would want to hurt - - I wouldn’t think that anybody would want to intentionally hurt somebody that’s as precious as this little girl.

A….Do you know how hard we tried to get her back?

Q….I’m sure it was terrible. Here’s a picture your wife showed me. Look at that. Isn’t that awesome? I mean, she’s on a little motorcycle and she’s beautiful, you know.

I was telling your wife we worked one of these here a while back down there, a little girl who had just graduated kindergarten, you know? She had - - her dad killed her because she’d wetted the bed or something like that, you know. But I said at least here, you know, we’ve got somebody trying to get some help for her, you know, where in the other case the little girl was wrapped up in a blanket and dropped off on a county road a couple of miles from her dad’s house like she was a piece of garbage, you know. I don’t know how people could do that, you know.

But I do know that it’s really easy sometimes, Mike, that, you know, when you have children - - and I’ve got one that’s five - - you know, they tire you, they get on your nerves, and they can irritate you. And sometimes, you know, it’s easy to - -

A….She couldn’t irritate me - -

Q…. - - discipline or punish - -

A…. - - because she was asleep. She was asleep.

Q….Then what you’re saying is that Raye Dawn had to have some knowledge of it.


Q….Well, from 1:15 the CHBS lady, Jean, leaves and then your wife goes to pick up Whitney and you’re there with her and then we’ve got the ambulance coming.

A….And I told her, and I said, “Just let me go get her.”

Q….Why did she go? Do you usually go pick up Whitney?

A….It just depends. She was gonna - - she had been doing it because I get up early and take her.

Q….Right. What, about 7:30 is when you usually get up or something like that?

A….Yeah. And it was just one of those things where she just - - you know, she talked about going all day and Kelsey was going to go with her. And then they laid down to take that nap and Kelsey was so tired that when she got up, she just said, “I’m going to let her sleep.” And I didn’t think anything about it. I thought it was strange she didn’t want to go. I mean, she usually wakes up whenever - -

Q….Are you feeling better? Are you breathing better?

A….It’s not a put-on.

Q….Are you breathing better? You seem to be better. I’m asking you. I don’t know.

A….I just - - I just got - - I got short of breath.

Q….I don’t want to see you have a heart attack.

A….I just got short of breath.

Q….Well, that could be anxiety or something. Do you have anxiety problems or - -

A….I just lost my daughter.


A….And now we’re - - me and my wife are being accused of killing her.

Q….Yeah, that’s true. One of you two are going to be responsible for this deal. And I admit that would make me a little nervous too. I mean, that’s a lot - -

A….It’s not nervous. It’s just - - it’s just heartbreaking.

Q….Yeah, it’s sad. But you know what else is sad is Kelsey will never see her third birthday.

A….Now, do you think anybody cares about that more than us? Do you think you sitting there cares about that more than we do?

Q….I care about it a whole lot.

A….You don’t care about it more than we do.

Q….You know, she’s not going to get to make kindergarten, T-ball, graduate and have kids, get married and all those things people do, a chance to go to college, you know. And what’s really sad is that, you know, this thing probably happened within, you know, five, ten seconds, maybe, you know. You know, people get upset sometimes. Things happen, you know. That’s the sad part about it.

A….I don’t have it in me to hurt a child.

Q….Well, I don’t think you probably would intentionally, you know.

A….You-guys keep saying intentionally, but - -

Q….You know the reason I’m saying that is I’m trying to give you the edge - - the lead doubt at all. I mean, I don’t see you-guys being monsters here, you know. But you have to admit, you know, the little girl’s gone through a lot. She’s had that collarbone breaking.

A….Which was all - - that was all investigated.

Q….And the legs.

A….That was all investigated. She was placed back with us.

Q….Yeah. And then now we have a homicide. So regardless if that happened somewhere other than you-guys and wasn’t intentionally, now everybody is going to look at it a little differently, don’t you agree?

Do you think DHS is probably thinking, “Whoo. There might have been something to those complaints,” you know. And maybe even Judge Key, you know, I think he - - I’ve heard he was kind of the one that kind of, you know, let her go back to your wife. Is that correct? Wasn’t that his decision?

A….I want to cooperate, but I told Steve everything that happened from the time I got home. I mean - -

Q….Do you hear what I’m saying, though?

A….I hear what you’re saying.

Q….I mean, I don’t know you. I don’t dislike you. I’m just trying to do my job. And my job is trying to figure out exactly what happened to your daughter; right?

And then another thing I was talking to your wife about that’s kind of bad is you’ve got Raymond showing up. Have you ever met him? Kelsey’s dad?

A….Yeah, I know of him.

Q….Have you ever dealt with him?

A….Not like she has.

Q….Is he a nice guy at all? I mean, can you carry on a conversation? Do you guys get into it, or have you been around him at all?

A….I’ve never talked to him.

Q….Okay. Well, I’m divorced and I have an ex-wife that is remarried, and it’s not always pleasant dealing with the other spouse, the husband or whatever. So, you know, you were getting ready to have a little bit more stress going on around your house. Your wife’s pregnant and you’re going to have a baby there. You’ve got Kelsey’s dad coming up. Obviously, it made your wife upset. She said it made her upset.

A….We’re under a lot of stress, but we always are.

Q….Everybody is.

A….Everybody’s - -

Q….I agree.

A….That doesn’t just - - if you’re not capable of hurting a child, stress doesn’t just make you just - -

Q….Well, I think of all things, you know, there’s intentional acts and there’s accidental ones, you know. The M.E.’s office says that what took place was not an accident. You know, it didn’t just - -

A….Well, then, that takes away the accidental right there, so that’s saying that somebody- -

Q….Well, it’s saying that it’s - - no, it’s not really saying this couldn’t be an accident. I mean, I think that the difference is the fact that either someone intentionally did an act or maybe somebody got angry or something happened. Maybe they stepped - - you know, there’s a lot of things that could make it not look as ugly as it could be. You know what I mean?

A….I kept trying to - - but I don’t - - I want to cooperate, but I don’t know what else to tell you. I told Steve everything. I went over it second by second.

Q….So you think a polygraph is a bad idea?

A….I don’t want it to be based on that. I don’t want it to be, because I’ve had to take one in my other custody before, and I just don’t - -

Q….Well, now, we have real qualified people doing polygraphs. I don’t know who did that one for you before with the child custody thing, I mean, if that’s what you’re scared about. I mean, I really have a lot of faith in it. Obviously, our agency does, because we’ve got probably eight or ten polygraph examiners. And they’re all, you know, highly qualified at what they do.

And it’s not something you can use in court. All it does is just a tool for us to kind of know who’s telling us the truth. If you failed it or if you passed it, you know, we’re not going to be able to use that in court or anything. But if you did pass it, then we would have to think that your innocent, you know.

You’re wife is willing to take one, but there’s a problem. She can’t take one. She’s pregnant. You can’t take a polygraph if you’re pregnant. You know, it’s amazing how she’s willing to try to cooperate on it but you’re saying that - -

A….It’s not - - it’s not - - not willing to cooperate. It’s just everybody told me that when you’re under stress, it’s not an accurate test.

Q….Well, like you said, we’re all under stress.

A….Well, would you consider this an abnormal amount?

Q….Of stress? It’s a lot of stress. But we deal with this all the time. I mean, we talk to people all the time that are involved in homicides.

A….I’m at the same place I was with Steve with you. I have told you everything I know that happened. And I don’t know - - I don’t know what else I can tell you. So I’m at the point where I guess I’m going to have to talk to a lawyer.

Q….Well, the truth is what would be good.

A….I told you.

Q…..Well, let me see if I can find your wife. Well, I don’t know, man. It’s just kind of - -

A….I told you everything that I - - that I know. I told you everything that I know.

Q….Well, do you want to go downstairs and wait for us?

(This concludes the interview of Michael Porter.)

{Note: Extended Interview obtained from http://kelseyspurpose.org/}